2D Game Development with Unity

2D Game Development with Unity
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    2D Game Development with Unity
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    Franz Lanzinger
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    1 edition
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    December 9, 2020
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    444 pages
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Book Description
This book teaches beginners and aspiring game developers how to develop 2D games with Unity. Thousands of commercial games have been built with Unity. The reader will learn the complete process of 2D game development, step by step. The theory behind each step is fully explained. This book contains numerous color illustrations and access to all source code and companion videos.
Key Features:
  • Fully detailed game projects from scratch. Beginners can do the steps and create games right away.
  • No coding experience is necessary. Numerous examples take a raw beginner toward professional coding proficiency in C# and Unity.
  • Includes a thorough introduction to Unity 2020, including 2D game development, prefabs, cameras, animation, character controllers, lighting, and sound.
  • Includes a step-by-step introduction to Unity 2019.3. Extensive coverage of GIMP, Audacity, and MuseScore for the creation of 2D graphics, sound effects, and music.
  • All required software is free to use for any purpose including commercial applications and games.


Part I - The Basics of Game Development
Chapter 1. First Steps
Chapter 2. Programming C# in Unity
Chapter 3. 2D Graphics with GIMP and Unity
Chapter 4. 2D Graphics with Blender and Unity
Chapter 5. The Unity Interface
Chapter 6. Bouncing Donuts Prototype 2
Chapter 7. Sound Effects with Audacity
Chapter 8. Music with MuseScore
Chapter 9. Bouncing Donuts 1.0

PART II - 2D Game Development from Concept to Release
Chapter 10. 2D Tools in Unity
Chapter 11. Designing a 2D Maze Game
Chapter 12. Building the Level 1 Maze
Chapter 13. Source Control
Chapter 14. Menus
Chapter 15. Animating the Player Character
Chapter 16. Enemies: Using Blender to Make Robot Sprites
Chapter 17. Making Textured Enemies with Blender
Chapter 18. Enemy Movement and Collisions
Chapter 19. Weapons and Projectiles
Chapter 20. Lives, Level Design, and Old School Scoring
Chapter 21. Sound and Music for DotGame
Chapter 22. Cutscenes
Chapter 23. Testing
Chapter 24. Release

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