Beginning Python: From Novice to Professional

Beginning Python: From Novice to Professional

Book Description
Gain a fundamental understanding of Python’s syntax and features with this up–to–date introduction and practical reference. Covering a wide array of Python–related programming topics, including addressing language internals, database integration, network programming, and web services, you’ll be guided by sound development principles. Ten accompanying projects will ensure you can get your hands dirty in no time.
Updated to reflect the latest in Python programming paradigms and several of the most crucial features found in Python 3, Beginning Python also covers advanced topics such as extending Python and packaging/distributing Python applications.

What You'll Learn
  • Become a proficient Python programmer by following along with a friendly, practical guide to the language’s key features
  • Write code faster by learning how to take advantage of advanced features such as magic methods, exceptions, and abstraction
  • Gain insight into modern Python programming paradigms including testing, documentation, packaging, and distribution
  • Learn by following along with ten interesting projects, including a P2P file–sharing application, chat client, video game, remote text editor, and more
Who This Book Is For
Programmers, novice and otherwise, seeking a comprehensive introduction to the Python programming language.


Chapter 1: Instant Hacking: The Basics 
Chapter 2: Lists and Tuples 
Chapter 3: Working with Strings 
Chapter 4: Dictionaries: When Indices Won’t Do 
Chapter 5: Conditionals, Loops, and Some Other Statements 
Chapter 6: Abstraction 
Chapter 7: More Abstraction 
Chapter 8: Exceptions 
Chapter 9: Magic Methods, Properties, and Iterators 
Chapter 10: Batteries Included 
Chapter 11: Files and Stuff 
Chapter 12: Graphical User Interfaces 
Chapter 13: Database Support 
Chapter 14: Network Programming 
Chapter 15: Python and the Web
Chapter 16: Testing, 1-2-3 
Chapter 17: Extending Python 
Chapter 18: Packaging Your Programs 
Chapter 19: Playful Programming 
Chapter 20: Project 1: Instant Markup 
Chapter 21: Project 2: Painting a Pretty Picture 
Chapter 22: Project 3: XML for All Occasions 
Chapter 23: Project 4: In the News 
Chapter 24: Project 5: A Virtual Tea Party 
Chapter 25: Project 6: Remote Editing with CGI 
Chapter 26: Project 7: Your Own Bulletin Board 
Chapter 27: Project 8: File Sharing with XML-RPC 
Chapter 28: Project 9: File Sharing II—Now with GUI! 
Chapter 29: Project 10: Do-It-Yourself Arcade Game 

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