Foundations of Economics, Global Edition, 7 edition

Foundations of Economics, Global Edition, 7 edition
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    Foundations of Economics, Global Edition, 7 edition
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    Robin Bade
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    7 edition
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Book Description
To help students focus on the most important concepts—and effectively practice application of those concepts—Foundations of Economics is structured around a Checklist/Checkpoint system. The result is a patient, confidence-building program that prepares students to use economics in their everyday lives, regardless of what their future career will be.


Part 1 - Introduction
Chapter 1. Getting Started
Chapter 2. The U.S. and Global Economies
Chapter 3. The Economic Problem
Chapter 4. Demand and Supply

Part 2 - A Closer Look at Markets
Chapter 5. Elasticities of Demand and Supply
Chapter 6. Efficiency and Fairness of Markets

Part 3 - How Governments Influence the Economy
Chapter 7. Government Actions in Markets
Chapter 8. Taxes
Chapter 9. Global Markets in Action

Part 4 - Market Failure AND PUBLIC POLICY
Chapter 10. Externalities
Chapter 11. Public Goods and Common Resources
Chapter 12. Markets with Private Information

Part 5 - A Closer Look at Decision Makers
Chapter 13. Consumer Choice and Demand
Chapter 14. Production and Cost

Part 6 - Prices, Profits, and Industry Performance
Chapter 15. Perfect Competition
Chapter 16. Monopoly
Chapter 17. Monopolistic Competition
Chapter 18. Oligopoly

Part 7 - Incomes and Inequality
Chapter 19. Markets for Factors of Production
Chapter 20. Economic Inequality

Part 8 - Monitoring the Macroeconomy
Chapter 21. GDP: A Measure of Total Production and Income
Chapter 22. Jobs and Unemployment
Chapter 23. The CPI and the Cost of Living

Part 9 - The Real Economy
Chapter 24. Potential GDP and the Natural Unemployment Rate
Chapter 25. Economic Growth
Chapter 26. Finance, Saving, and Investment

Part 10 - The Money Economy
Chapter 27. The Monetary System
Chapter 28. Money, Interest, and Inflation

Part 11 - Economic Fluctuations
Chapter 29. Aggregate Supply and Aggregate Demand
Chapter 30. Aggregate Expenditure Multiplier
Chapter 31. The Short-Run Policy Tradeoff

Part 12 - Macroeconomic Policy
Chapter 32. Fiscal Policy
Chapter 33. Monetary Policy
Chapter 34. International Finance

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