Integrated Optics: Modeling, material platforms and fabrication techniques

Integrated Optics: Modeling, material platforms and fabrication techniques
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    Integrated Optics: Modeling, material platforms and fabrication techniques
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    Giancarlo C. Righini, Maurizio Ferrari
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    February 25, 2021
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    461 pages
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Book Description
Edited by two recognised experts, this book in two volumes provides a comprehensive overview of integrated optics, from modelling to fabrication, materials to integration platforms, and characterization techniques to applications. The technology is explored in detail, and set in a broad context that addresses a range of current and potential future research and development trends.
Volume 1 begins with introductory chapters on the history of integrated optics technology, design tools, and modelling techniques. The next section of the book goes on to discuss the range of materials used for integrated optics, their deposition techniques, and their specific applications, including glasses, plasmonic nanostructures, SOI and SOS, and III-V and II-VI semiconductors.
Volume 2 addresses characterization techniques, integrated optical waveguides and devices. A range of applications are also discussed, including devices for sensing, telecommunications, optical amplifiers and lasers, and quantum computing.
The introductory chapters are intended to be of use to newcomers to the field, but its depth and breadth of coverage means that this book is also appropriate reading for early-career and senior researchers wishing to refresh their knowledge or keep up to date with recent developments in integrated optics.


1. 1969–2019: 50 years of integrated optics

Part I: Modelling of waveguides and devices
2. Numerical tools for integrated optical circuits design
3. Analytical modelling of active integrated resonators
4. Modelling of nanophotonic non-linear metasurfaces

Part II: Material platforms and fabrication techniques
5. Rare-earth-doped glasses and glass ceramics for integrated optics
6. Lithium niobate integrated optics
7. Thin-film deposition: physical techniques
8. Thin-film deposition: chemical techniques
9. Photorefractive waveguides
10. Integrated optics using liquid crystals
11. Silicon nitride integrated optics
12. Femtosecond laser writing of integrated optical
13. Optical waveguides produced by ion beams

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