Foundations of Microeconomics, Global Edition, 7 edition

Foundations of Microeconomics, Global Edition, 7 edition
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    Foundations of Microeconomics, Global Edition, 7 edition
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    Robin Bade
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    7 edition
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Book Description
Students know that throughout their lives they will make economic decisions and be influenced by economic forces. They want to understand the economic principles that can help them navigate these forces and guide their decisions. Foundations of Microeconomics is our attempt to satisfy this want.
The response to our earlier editions from hundreds of colleagues across the United States and throughout the world tells us that most of you agree with our view that the principles course must do four things well. It must
• Motivate with compelling issues and questions
• Focus on core ideas
• Steer a path between an overload of detail and too much left unsaid
• Encourage and aid learning by doing

The Foundations icon with its four blocks (on the cover and throughout the book) symbolizes this four-point approach that has guided all our choices in writing this text and creating its comprehensive teaching and learning supplements.


Part 1 - Introduction
1. Getting Started
2. The U.S. and Global Economies
3. The Economic Problem
4. Demand and Supply

Part 2 - A Closer Look at Markets
5. Elasticities of Demand and Supply
6. Efficiency and Fairness of Markets

Part 3 - How Governments Influence the Economy
7. Government Actions in Markets
8. Taxes
9. Global Markets in Action

Part 4 - Market Failure and Public Policy
10. Externalities
11. Public Goods and Common Resources
12. Markets with Private Information

Part 5 - A Closer Look at Decision Makers
13. Consumer Choice and Demand
14. Production and Cost

Part 6 - Prices, Profits, and Industry Performance
15. Perfect Competition
16. Monopoly
17. Monopolistic Competition
18. Oligopoly

Part 7 - Incomes and Inequality
19. Markets for Factors of Production
20. Economic Inequality

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