UAV Communications for 5G and Beyond

UAV Communications for 5G and Beyond
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    UAV Communications for 5G and Beyond
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    Yong Zeng, Ismail Guvenc, Rui Zhang, Giovanni Geraci, David W. Matolak
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    1 edition
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    February 8, 2021
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    650 pages
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Book Description
To advantageously plan and design for the explosive near-future increase in the number of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and their demanding applications, integration of UAVs into cellular communication systems has seen increasing interest. This book provides a timely and comprehensive overview of the recent research efforts and results of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs)-integrated cellular network communications. The aim of the book is to provide a comprehensive coverage of the potential applications, networking architectures, latest research findings and key enabling technologies, experimental measurement results, as well as up-to-date industry standardizations for UAV communications in cellular systems, including the existing LTE as well as the future 5G-and-beyond systems.


Part I - Fundamentals of UAV Communications
1. Overview
2. A Survey of Air-to-Ground Propagation Channel Modeling for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
3. UAV Detection and Identification

Part II - Cellular-Connected UAV Communications
4. Performance Analysis for Cellular-Connected UAVs
5. Performance Enhancements for LTE-Connected UAVs: Experiments and Simulations
6. 3GPP Standardization for Cellular-Supported UAVs
7. Enhanced Cellular Support for UAVs with Massive MIMO
8. High-Capacity Millimeter Wave UAV Communications

Part III - UAV-Assisted Wireless Communications
9. Stochastic Geometry-Based Performance Analysis of Drone Cellular Networks
10. UAV Placement and Aerial–Ground Interference Coordination
11. Joint Trajectory and Resource Optimization
12. Energy-Efficient UAV Communications
13. Fundamental Trade-Offs for UAV Communications
14. UAV–Cellular Spectrum Sharing

Part IV - Other Advanced Technologies for UAV Communications
15. Non-Orthogonal Multiple Access for UAV Communications
16. Physical Layer Security for UAV Communications
17. UAV-Enabled Wireless Power Transfer
18. Ad-Hoc Networks in the Sky

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