System Dynamics, 4th Edition

System Dynamics, 4th Edition
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    System Dynamics, 4th Edition
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    William Palm
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    4 edition
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    January 30, 2020
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    928 pages
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Book Description
The subject of system dynamics deals with mathematical modeling and analysis of devices and processes for the purpose of understanding their time-dependent behavior. It emphasizes applications containing multiple types of components and processes such as electromechanical devices, electrohydraulic devices, and fluid-thermal processes. Because systems of interconnected elements often require a control system to work properly, control system design is a major application area in system dynamics. System Dynamics covers these topics, has application case studies, more homework problems than other texts, and the strongest treatment of computational software and system simulation, with its early introduction of MATLAB® and Simulink®.


Chapter 1. Introduction
Chapter 2. Dynamic Response Methods
Chapter 3. Modeling of Rigid-Body Mechanical Systems
Chapter 4. Spring and Damper Elements in Mechanical Systems
Chapter 5. Block Diagrams, State-Variable Models, and Simulation Methods
Chapter 6. Electrical and Electromechanical Systems
Chapter 7. Fluid and Thermal Systems
Chapter 8. System Analysis in the Time Domain
Chapter 9. System Analysis in the Frequency Domain
Chapter 10. Introduction to Feedback Control Systems
Chapter 11. Control System Design and the Root Locus Plot
Chapter 12. Compensator Design
Chapter 13. Vibration Applications

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