Modern Small Antennas

Modern Small Antennas
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    Modern Small Antennas
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    Kyohei Fujimoto
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    1 edition
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    January 1, 2014
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    488 pages
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Book Description
If you are involved in designing and developing small antennas, this complete, cutting-edge guide covers everything you need to know. From fundamentals and basic theory to design optimization, evaluation, measurements and simulation techniques, all the essential information is included. You will also get many practical examples from a range of wireless systems, whilst a glossary is provided to bring you up to speed on the latest terminology. A wide variety of small antennas is covered, and design and practice steps are described for each type: electrically small, functionally small, physically constrained small and physically small. Whether you are a professional in industry, a researcher, or a graduate student, this is your essential guide to small antennas.


1. Introduction
2. Small antennas
3. Properties of small antennas
4. Fundamental limitations of small antennas
5. Subjects related with small antennas
6. Principles and techniques for making antennas small
7. Design and practice of small antennas I
8. Design and practice of small antennas II
9. Evaluation of small antenna performance
10. Electromagnetic simulation
11. Glossary

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