Infrastructure Planning and Management: An Integrated Approach

Infrastructure Planning and Management: An Integrated Approach
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    Infrastructure Planning and Management: An Integrated Approach
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    Virendra Proag
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    1st ed. 2021 edition
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    November 6, 2020
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    715 pages
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Book Description
This book explains how water, electricity/power, roads and other infrastructure services are linked together within the general basket of development and how to obtain the optimum use of resources. The emphasis, nowadays, is on multipurpose activities, optimum use of resources, environmental approach, minimum use of energy. This book tries to integrate all of these, by showing the links between the different components of infrastructure and trying to model them. A well articulated, socially attractive and desirable project may fail during the implementation or operation stage, not only from bad design, but also due to inadequate attention paid to the human aspects required for its operation.
This book is intended for graduates and practising professionals who are involved in the general development planning of their country/region. It enables better understanding, collaboration and communication with other professionals in relation to their own or different disciplines.


1. Introduction to Infrastructure
2. Infrastructure and Economic Growth
3. Infrastructure and Spatial Organisation
4. Infrastructure Vision for Sustainable Development
5. The Long Term Plan for Infrastructure
6. Infrastructure as a System
7. Economic and Social Aspects of Infrastructure
8. Analysis of Environmental Impacts of Infrastructure
9. Quality and Reliability of Infrastructure
10. Climate Change and Infrastructure
11. Infrastructure Resilience
12. Disaster Recovery and Management
13. Modelling in Infrastructure Planning
14. Multi Sector/Purpose Infrastructure Planning
15. Multi Objective Evaluation Criteria for Infrastructure
16. Decision Taking with Infrastructure
17. Infrastructure as Public or Private Goods
18. Infrastructure Markets and the Private Sector
19. Cost Allocation for Infrastructure Implementation
20. Human Resources Management for Infrastructure
21. Quality of Infrastructure Service Delivery
22. Infrastructure Implementation

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