The Neutrino Story: One Tiny Particle’s Grand Role in the Cosmos

The Neutrino Story: One Tiny Particle’s Grand Role in the Cosmos
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    The Neutrino Story: One Tiny Particle’s Grand Role in the Cosmos
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    Rabindra N. Mohapatra
  • Edition:
    1st ed. 2021 edition
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    November 6, 2020
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    238 pages
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Book Description
Every second of every day, we are exposed to billions of neutrinos emitted by the Sun, and yet they seem to pass straight through us with no apparent effect at all. Tiny and weakly interacting this subatomic particle may be, but this book will show you just how crucial a role it has played in the evolution of the elements in the universe, and eventually, ourselves.We first start with an introduction to the basics of subatomic physics, including brief backgrounds on the discoveries that set the stage for major 20th century advances. The author, a distinguished theoretical physicist who has researched neutrinos for over thirty years, next explains in nontechnical language how and why the neutrino fits into the wider story of elementary particles. Finally, the reader will learn about the latest discoveries in the past half century of neutrino studies. 
This semi-popular science book will appeal to any physics students or non-specialist physicists who wish to know more about the neutrino and its role in the evolution of our universe.


Part I
1. Introduction
2. Particles as Building Blocks of Matter
3. From Protons and Neutrons to a Zoo of Particles
4. Order in the Zoo and Quarks
5. Forces That Keep the Universe Together
6. Forces Are Also Caused by Particles

Part II
7. The Neutrino Is Born as an Idea
8. From Idea to Reality: The Neutrino Story Unfolds in Slow Motion
9. The Neutrino is Discovered
10. Standard Model of the Particles and Forces
11. Forces in the Standard Model and Symmetries
12. More Physics Beyond the Standard Model or the End of Physics Now?
13. Neutrinos Oscillate and Hence They Weigh
14. What Have We Learned about Neutrinos from Neutrino Oscillation Experiments?

Part III
15. Mendeleev’s Periodic Table
16. A Brief Overview of the Big Bang Theory of the Universe
17. The Inflationary Universe
18. From Quarks to Protons and Neutrons and Then to Helium and Beryllium and the Dance of Atoms
19. Stars as the Cooking Pots for Heavy Nuclei
20. Neutrino Mass Hints at Mirror Symmetry in Nature
21. Mirror Symmetric Weak Force and Neutrino Mass
22. Hints of Other New Physics from Neutrino Mass
23. The Origin of Matter and Neutrinos
24. Dark Universe
25. Neutrinos from Heavenly Sources

Part IV
26. Anthropic Principle
27. What Lies Ahead?
28. Epilogue

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