Advancements in Model-Driven Architecture in Software Engineering

Advancements in Model-Driven Architecture in Software Engineering
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    Advancements in Model-Driven Architecture in Software Engineering
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    Yassine Rhazali
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    August 23, 2020
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    312 pages
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Book Description
An integral element of software engineering is model engineering. They both endeavor to minimize cost, time, and risks with quality software. As such, model engineering is a highly useful field that demands in-depth research on the most current approaches and techniques. Only by understanding the most up-to-date research can these methods reach their fullest potential. Advancements in Model-Driven Architecture in Software Engineering is an essential publication that prepares readers to exercise modeling and model transformation and covers state-of-the-art research and developments on various approaches for methodologies and platforms of model-driven architecture, applications and software development of model-driven architecture, modeling languages, and modeling tools. Highlighting a broad range of topics including cloud computing, service-oriented architectures, and modeling languages, this book is ideally designed for engineers, programmers, software designers, entrepreneurs, researchers, academicians, and students.


Chapter 1. Umple: An Executable UML-Based Technology for Agile Model-Driven Development
Chapter 2. An Automatic Generation of Domain Ontologies Based on an MDA Approach to Support Big Data Analytics
Chapter 3. An Overview of Knowledge Representation With Frames
Chapter 4. MDE and MDA in a Multi-Paradigm Modeling Perspective
Chapter 5. Cultivating Practitioners for Software Engineering Experiments in industry: Best Practices Learned From the Experience
Chapter 6. Integration of Agile Methodologies and Model-Driven Development: Case Study-Based Comparison
Chapter 7. The Contribution of MDA in Software-Defined Network: A Survey
Chapter 8. Towards a Generation of Class Diagram From User Stories in Agile Methods
Chapter 9. Extending the Knowledge Discovery Metamodel to Support Tasks and Presentation Behaviors of Design Knowledge
Chapter 10. Model Transformation Approach According Model-Driven Architecture From BPMN to UML Up to IFML
Chapter 11. Towards a Systematic Derivation of an Analysis Model From Business Process Models in the Context of Model-Driven Architecture
Chapter 12. A Disciplined Method to Generate UML2 Communication Diagrams Automatically From the Business Value Model
Chapter 13. SERIES: A Software Risk Estimator Tool Support for Requirement Risk Assessment

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