Soft Computing Methods for System Dependability

Soft Computing Methods for System Dependability
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    Soft Computing Methods for System Dependability
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    Mohamed Arezki Mellal
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    December 9, 2019
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    316 pages
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Book Description
Technology in today's world has continued to develop into multifaceted structures. The performance of computers, specifically, has significantly increased leading to various and complex problems regarding the dependability of these systems. Recently, solutions for these issues have been based on soft computing methods; however, there lacks a considerable amount of research on the applications of these techniques within system dependability. Soft Computing Methods for System Dependability is a collection of innovative research on the applications of these processing techniques for solving problems within the dependability of computer system performance. This book will feature comparative experiences shared by researchers regarding the development of these technological solutions. While highlighting topics including evolutionary computing, chaos theory, and artificial neural networks, this book is ideally designed for researchers, data scientists, computing engineers, industrialists, students, and academicians in the field of computer science.


Chapter 1. Software Release Planning Using Grey Wolf Optimizer
Chapter 2. Modified Multi-Grey Wolf Pack for Vital Sign-Based Disease Identification
Chapter 3. Analog Integrated Circuit Optimization: A 0.22µw Bulk-Driven Telescopic OTA Optimization Using PSO Program for Low Power Biomedical Devices
Chapter 4. Enhancing System Reliability Through Targeting Fault Propagation Scope
Chapter 5. Soft Computing Methods for Measuring Sustainability in the Agriculture Sector: ISM Method to Develop Barriers of Agri-Sustainability in India
Chapter 6. A Hybrid Analysis Method for Train Driver Errors in Railway Systems
Chapter 7. Performability Modeling of Distributed Systems and Its Formal Methods Representation
Chapter 8. Sample Size Equation of Mechanical System for Parametric Accelerated Life Testing
Chapter 9. Risk Factor in Agricultural Sector: Prioritizing Indian Agricultural Risk Factor by MAUT Method

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