Cryptography: Breakthroughs in Research and Practice

Cryptography: Breakthroughs in Research and Practice

Book Description
Advances in technology have provided numerous innovations that make peoples daily lives easier and more convenient. However, as technology becomes more ubiquitous, corresponding risks also increase. The field of cryptography has become a solution to this ever-increasing problem. Applying strategic algorithms to cryptic issues can help save time and energy in solving the expanding problems within this field.
Cryptography: Breakthroughs in Research and Practice examines novel designs and recent developments in cryptographic security control procedures to improve the efficiency of existing security mechanisms that can help in securing sensors, devices, networks, communication, and data. Highlighting a range of topics such as cyber security, threat detection, and encryption, this publication is an ideal reference source for academicians, graduate students, engineers, IT specialists, software engineers, security analysts, industry professionals, and researchers interested in expanding their knowledge of current trends and techniques within the cryptology field.


Section 1 - Chaotic and DNA-Based Cryptography
Chapter 1. Realization of a New Robust and Secure Watermarking Technique Using DC Coefficient Modification in Pixel Domain and Chaotic Encryption
Chapter 2. Chaotic Function Based ECG Encryption System
Chapter 3. Biometric Image Security Using Chaos Algorithm
Chapter 4. DNA Sequence Based Cryptographic Solution for Secure Image Transmission
Chapter 5. IPHDBCM: Inspired Pseudo Hybrid DNA Based Cryptographic Mechanism to Prevent Against Collabrative Black Hole Attack in Wireless Ad hoc Networks

Section 2 - Cryptographic Algorithms
Chapter 6. Cryptographic Techniques Based on Bio-Inspired Systems
Chapter 7. Modification of Traditional RSA into Symmetric-RSA Cryptosystems
Chapter 8. Hybrid Approach of Modified AES
Chapter 9. Cryptographic Algorithms for Next Generation Wireless Networks Security
Chapter 10. Efficient Energy Saving Cryptographic Techniques with Software Solution in Wireless Network
Chapter 11. Applicability of Cellular Automata in Cryptanalysis

Section 3 - Encryption Keys and Homomorphic Encryption
Chapter 12. A Novel Approach of Symmetric Key Cryptography using Genetic Algorithm Implemented on GPGPU
Chapter 13. Provable Security for Public Key Cryptosystems: How to Prove that the Cryptosystem is Secure
Chapter 14. Towards Parameterized Shared Key for AVK Approach
Chapter 15. Authentication of Smart Grid: The Case for Using Merkle Trees
Chapter 16. Secure Speaker Recognition using BGN Cryptosystem with Prime Order Bilinear Group
Chapter 17. A Pairing-based Homomorphic Encryption Scheme for Multi-User Settings
Chapter 18. A Secure Cloud Storage using ECC-Based Homomorphic Encryption
Chapter 19. Homomorphic Encryption as a Service for Outsourced Images in Mobile Cloud Computing Environment

Section 4 - Steganography
Chapter 20. Digital Image Steganography: Survey, Analysis, and Application
Chapter 21. Improved Secure Data Transfer Using Video Steganographic Technique
Chapter 22. Secure Group Message Transfer Stegosystem
Chapter 23. Implementation and Evaluation of Steganography Based Online Voting System

Section 5 - Visual Cryptography
Chapter 24. Exploiting the Homomorphic Property of Visual Cryptography
Chapter 25. Basic Visual Cryptography Using Braille
Chapter 26. Threshold Secret Sharing Scheme for Compartmented Access Structures
Chapter 27. An Improved Size Invariant (n, n) Extended Visual Cryptography Scheme
Chapter 28. A Methodological Evaluation of Crypto-Watermarking System for Medical Images
Chapter 29. Reversible Watermarking in Medical Image Using RDWT and Sub-Sample
Chapter 30. Video Saliency Detection for Visual Cryptography-Based Watermarking
Chapter 31. On the Pixel Expansion of Visual Cryptography Scheme
Chapter 32. A Novel Pixel Merging-Based Lossless Recovery Algorithm for Basic Matrix VSS
Chapter 33. A Contemplator on Topical Image Encryption Measures

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