The Persuasive Negotiator

The Persuasive Negotiator
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    The Persuasive Negotiator
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    Florence Kennedy Rolland
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    1 edition
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    November 4, 2020
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    246 pages
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Book Description
Negotiation permeates every aspect of our lives, from our home to our work. Whether you consider yourself a novice or expert, there is always room to improve your negotiation performance. With easily replicable tools throughout, this book offers everything you need to know for an MBA in negotiation, but without the expense and time-consuming study. It will help you improve both your confidence and ability, and equip you with all the skills and tools needed for successful negotiation.
Negotiation is more than buying and selling, more than winning and more than streetwise manipulation; it’s creating a successful deal that will lead to a fruitful relationship with the other party. In this book, the author demonstrates how we can all become more effective negotiators in business, and our everyday lives, by combining theory with real-life examples and offering practical tips. At the end of each chapter, your knowledge will be tested and the learning reaffirmed to enable you to walk into any negotiation confidently.
This book is essential reading to all students taking part in an MBA program, as well as anyone with an interest in negotiation. Whether you need help negotiating a new kitchen installation, a better salary or a multi-million-pound business deal, this book will give you the competitive edge to get there.


1. What is negotiation?
2. Distributive bargaining
3. Integrative bargaining, part 1: Preparation
4. Integrative bargaining, part 2: Debate
5. Integrative bargaining, part 3: How to propose
6. Integrative bargaining, part 4: How to bargain
7. The styles of negotiation
8. Rational bargaining
9. Ploys and tactics
10. Culture and negotiation

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