Cybersecurity for Beginners: How to prevent Phishing & Social Engineering Attacks

Cybersecurity for Beginners: How to prevent Phishing & Social Engineering Attacks

Book Description
There are always news reports about cyber-attacks and while they're providing a lot of information; still many people not sure how it impacts them, their business or the company they work for.

•You're possibly not too sure what you're supposed to do about cyber-attacks?
•Partly because of all the confusing vocabulary or the types of attacks, and perhaps unsure what this mean to you and your business?
•Maybe you or your employees need some additional training?

That's precisely what this book will cover, so click BUY NOW to get started today!

You will learn:

•The Ultimate Goal of Cybersecurity
•Understanding the CIA Triad & Defense in Depth
•Understanding Threats, Exploits and Risks
•Understanding Malware
•Malware & General Countermeasures
•How to Report Malware
•Attacks on Portable Devices
•Intercepted Communication & Countermeasures
•Introduction to Social Networking
•Social Networking Threats from Cybercriminals
•Understanding Cross-site Request Forgery
•Social Engineering Countermeasures
•Understanding Metadata
•Comprehending Outside and Inside Threats to Businesses
•Introduction to Phishing
•Phishing, Social Engineering & Vishing
•How to Prevent Phishing Attacks
•How to Report a Phishing Attack
•Phishing Countermeasures
•How to Report Phishing Attacks
•Tips to Avoid Phishing Scams


Chapter 1. The Ultimate Goal of Cybersecurity              
Chapter 2. Understanding the CIA Triad & Defense in Depth              
Chapter 3. Understanding Threats, Exploits and Risks              
Chapter 4. Understanding Malware              
Chapter 5. Malware & General Countermeasures              
Chapter 6. How to Report Malware              
Chapter 7. Attacks on Portable Devices              
Chapter 8. Intercepted Communication & Countermeasures              
Chapter 9. Introduction to Social Networking              
Chapter 10. Social Networking Threats from Cybercriminals              
Chapter 11. Understanding Cross-site Request Forgery              
Chapter 12. Social Engineering Countermeasures              
Chapter 13. Understanding Metadata              
Chapter 14. Comprehending Outside and Inside Threats to Businesses              
Chapter 15. Introduction to Phishing              
Chapter 16. Phishing, Social Engineering & Vishing              
Chapter 17. How to Prevent Phishing Attacks              
Chapter 18. How to Report a Phishing Attack              
Chapter 19. Phishing Countermeasures              
Chapter 20. How to Report Phishing Attacks              
Chapter 21. Tips to Avoid Phishing Scams 

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