International Business, 4th Edition

International Business, 4th Edition

Book Description
We live in a global economy in which over one quarter of the world’s recorded output is exported, where a change in business practice in Beijing can have a direct impact on a workforce in Birmingham, and where support to a customer in Detroit can be provided from Delhi.
This book provides a clear and concise introduction to this most interdisciplinary of subjects, explaining in straightforward language the economic and financial underpinnings of international business, and the more subtle organisational and cultural issues increasingly crucial to business success. The managerial challenges which face organisations of all types and sizes, no matter where they are located, are reviewed and explored.


1. Introduction to international business
2. Internationalisation process
3. International business: theory and practice
4. The political, legal, economic and technological environment
5. International sociocultural environment
6. International ethical and ecological environment
7. International strategic issues
8. International human resource management
9. International marketing
10. International finance: theory and practice

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