Competitive Programming in Python

Competitive Programming in Python
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    Competitive Programming in Python (128 Algorithms to Develop your Coding Skills)
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    Christoph Dürr
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    1 edition
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    January 15, 2021
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    264 pages
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Book Description
Want to kill it at your job interview in the tech industry? Want to win that coding competition? Learn all the algorithmic techniques and programming skills you need from two experienced coaches, problem setters, and jurors for coding competitions. The authors highlight the versatility of each algorithm by considering a variety of problems and show how to implement algorithms in simple and efficient code. Readers can expect to master 128 algorithms in Python and discover the right way to tackle a problem and quickly implement a solution of low complexity. Classic problems like Dijkstra's shortest path algorithm and Knuth-Morris-Pratt's string matching algorithm are featured alongside lesser known data structures like Fenwick trees and Knuth's dancing links. The book provides a framework to tackle algorithmic problem solving, including: Definition, Complexity, Applications, Algorithm, Key Information, Implementation, Variants, In Practice, and Problems. Python code included in the book and on the companion website.


1. Introduction
2. Character Strings
3. Sequences
4. Arrays
5. Intervals
6. Graphs
7. Cycles in Graphs
8. Shortest Paths
9. Matchings and Flows
10. Trees
11. Sets
12. Points and Polygons
13. Rectangles
14. Numbers and Matrices
15. Exhaustive Search
16. Conclusion

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