Artificial Intelligence Paradigms for Smart Cyber-Physical Systems

Artificial Intelligence Paradigms for Smart Cyber-Physical Systems
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    Artificial Intelligence Paradigms for Smart Cyber-Physical Systems
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    Ashish Kumar Luhach
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    1 edition
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    November 13, 2020
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    392 pages
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Book Description
Cyber-physical systems (CPS) have emerged as a unifying name for systems where cyber parts (i.e., the computing and communication parts) and physical parts are tightly integrated, both in design and during operation. Such systems use computations and communication deeply embedded in and interacting with human physical processes as well as augmenting existing and adding new capabilities. As such, CPS is an integration of computation, networking, and physical processes. Embedded computers and networks monitor and control the physical processes, with feedback loops where physical processes affect computations and vice versa. The economic and societal potential of such systems is vastly greater than what has been realized, and major investments are being made worldwide to develop the technology.
Artificial Intelligence Paradigms for Smart Cyber-Physical Systems focuses on the recent advances in Artificial intelligence-based approaches towards affecting secure cyber-physical systems. This book presents investigations on state-of-the-art research issues, applications, and achievements in the field of computational intelligence paradigms for CPS. Covering topics that include autonomous systems, access control, machine learning, and intrusion detection and prevention systems, this book is ideally designed for engineers, industry professionals, practitioners, scientists, managers, students, academicians, and researchers seeking current research on artificial intelligence and cyber-physical systems.


Section 1 - Artificial Intelligence and Cyber-Physical Systems
Chapter 1. Engineering AI Systems: A Research Agenda
Chapter 2. Machine Learning in Cyber-Physical Systems in Industry 4.0
Chapter 3. Explainable Artificial Intelligence (xAI) Approaches and Deep Meta-Learning Models for Cyber-Physical Systems
Chapter 4. Artificial Intelligence-Based Solutions for Cyber Security Problems
Chapter 5. Social Perspective of Suspicious Activity Detection in Facial Analysis: An ML-Based Approach for the Indian Perspective

Section 2 - IDS/IPS for Smart Cyber-Physical Systems
Chapter 6. Smart IDS and IPS for Cyber-Physical Systems
Chapter 7. A Survey on Network Intrusion Detection Using Deep Generative Networks for Cyber-Physical Systems
Chapter 8. Malicious URL Detection Using Machine Learning
Chapter 9. Video-Based Human Authentication System for Access Control
Section 3. Engineering Applications in CPS
Chapter 10. Optimizing WSNs for CPS Using Machine Learning Techniques
Chapter 11. Multiplier for DSP Application in CPS System
Chapter 12. IoT Applications in Smart Home Security: Addressing Safety and Security Threats
Chapter 13. Applying a Methodology in Data Transmission of Discrete Events From the Perspective of Cyber-Physical Systems Environments
Chapter 14. Cyber-Physical System for Smart Grid
Chapter 15. Bayesian Model for Evaluating Real-World Adaptation Progress of a Cyber-Physical System

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