The IoT and the Next Revolutions Automating the World

The IoT and the Next Revolutions Automating the World
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    The IoT and the Next Revolutions Automating the World
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    Dinesh Goyal, S. Balamurugan, Sheng-Lung Peng
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    July 5, 2019
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    372 pages
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Book Description
Smart homes, smart cities, and wearable technologies are the growing applications of the internet of things (IoT). Ranging from healthcare tracking applications to smart watches and smart bands for personal safety, the IoT has turned out to be one of the most indispensable parts of our lives even as it is becoming more interconnected to better serve people. With the exponential growth of the IoT and its applications, building the next-generation smart world becomes much more feasible. The IoT and the Net Revolutions Automating the World covers a spectrum of intelligent applications of the IoT in parking, traffic management, waste management, lighting, air pollution controlling, healthcare, weather tracking, retail, and other areas calling for automation. Highlighting a wide range of topics such as e-commerce, security management, and web infrastructure, this book is ideal for academicians, students, researchers, industry professionals, IT consultants, engineers, and scientists.


Chapter 1. Waste Management System for Smart City Using IoT
Chapter 2. Assessing the Impact of RFID Technology Solutions in Supply Chain Management
Chapter 3. Smarter Phone
Chapter 4. Evaluation of RFID Tag Anti-Collision Algorithms in Supply Chain Automation
Chapter 5. Design of a Home Automation App to Assist Elderly and Limited Mobility People
Chapter 6. Smart Homes and Offices
Chapter 7. Wearable Technologies for Glucose Monitoring: A Systematic Mapping Study of Publication Trends
Chapter 8. Identifying the Components of a Smart Health Ecosystem for Asthma Patients: A Systematic Literature Review and Conceptual Framework
Chapter 9. Role of Smart Wearable in Healthcare: Wearable Internet of Medical Things (WIoMT)
Chapter 10. Design and Development of Internet of Things-Based Wireless Health Monitoring System
Chapter 11. Smart Roads and Parking
Chapter 12. Exploring IoT-Enabled Smart Transportation System
Chapter 13. A Neural Network-Based Automatic Crop Monitoring Robot for Agriculture
Chapter 14. Smart Water Level Monitoring System for Farmers
Chapter 15. Smart Agricultural Practice for India
Chapter 16. Intelligent Sockets for Home Automation and Security: An Approach Through IoT and Image Processing
Chapter 17. Advanced Encryption Standard With Randomized Round Keys for Communication Security in IoT Networks
Chapter 18. Security for Smart Vehicle in IOT

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