Designing for Scalability with Erlang/OTP

Designing for Scalability with Erlang/OTP

Book Description
If you need to build a scalable, fault tolerant system with requirements for high availability, discover why the Erlang/OTP platform stands out for the breadth, depth, and consistency of its features. This hands-on guide demonstrates how to use the Erlang programming language and its OTP framework of reusable libraries, tools, and design principles to develop complex commercial-grade systems that simply cannot fail.
In the first part of the book, you’ll learn how to design and implement process behaviors and supervision trees with Erlang/OTP, and bundle them into standalone nodes. The second part addresses reliability, scalability, and high availability in your overall system design. If you’re familiar with Erlang, this book will help you understand the design choices and trade-offs necessary to keep your system running.
  • Explore OTP’s building blocks: the Erlang language, tools and libraries collection, and its abstract principles and design rules
  • Dive into the fundamentals of OTP reusable frameworks: the Erlang process structures OTP uses for behaviors
  • Understand how OTP behaviors support client-server structures, finite state machine patterns, event handling, and runtime/code integration
  • Write your own behaviors and special processes
  • Use OTP’s tools, techniques, and architectures to handle deployment, monitoring, and operations


Chapter 1. Introduction
Chapter 2. Introducing Erlang
Chapter 3. Behaviors
Chapter 4. Generic Servers
Chapter 5. Controlling Otp Behaviors
Chapter 6. Finite State Machines
Chapter 7. Event Handlers
Chapter 8. Supervisors
Chapter 9. Applications
Chapter 10. Special Processes And Your Own Behaviors
Chapter 11. System Principles And Release Handling
Chapter 12. Release Upgrades
Chapter 13. Distributed Architectures
Chapter 14. Systems That Never Stop
Chapter 15. Scaling Out
Chapter 16. Monitoring And Preemptive Support

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