Finance for Non-Finance People, 2nd Edition

Finance for Non-Finance People, 2nd Edition
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    Finance for Non-Finance People, 2nd Edition
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    Sandeep Goel
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    2 edition
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    March 30, 2019
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    458 pages
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    PDF, ePUB

Book Description
Finance is key to every business organisation as well as outside. This book makes sense of the finance world from a non-finance perspective. It introduces, explains and demystifies essential ideas of business finance to those who do not have financial background or training. Lucid, accessible, yet comprehensive, the book delineates the financial workings of businesses and offers an overview of corporate finance in the global context. The volume:
  • Contains effective tools for financial communication, monitoring, analysis and resource allocation;
  • Provides important learning aids such as figures, tables, illustrations and case studies;
  • Highlights fundamental concepts and applications of finance;
  • Surveys global corporate practices, recent trends and current data.
This updated second edition contains new sections on Tax Planning, including Income Tax and Goods and Services Tax in India. A guide to building financial acumen, this book will be a useful resource for executive and management development programmes (EDPs & MDPs) oriented towards business managers, including MBA programmes. It will benefit business executives, corporate heads, entrepreneurs, government officials, teachers, researchers, and students of management and business, as well as those who deal with finance or financial matters in their daily lives.


PART I - Introduction
1 Business organisations
2 Fundamentals of accounting

PART II - Financial statements and analysis
4 Financial statements
5 Financial analysis

PART III - Cost accounting and management
6 Cost concepts and classification
7 Budgeting
8 Marginal costing and managerial decision-making

PART IV - Financial system
9 Financial markets
10 Mutual funds
11 Forex market

PART V - Financial management
12 Nature of financial management
13 Capital budgeting: concept and application
14 Time value of money
15 Estimation of cash flows
16 Capital budgeting appraisal methods
17 Cost of capital
18 Capital structure planning
19 Working capital management
20 Dividend policy

PART VI - Value-based management
21 Economic value added
22 Human resource valuation

PART VII - Strategic finance
23 Mergers and acquisitions
24 Corporate governance

PART VIII - Tax planning
25 Direct taxation: income tax
26 Indirect taxation: Goods and Services Tax

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