Process Intensification and Integration for Sustainable Design

Process Intensification and Integration for Sustainable Design
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    Process Intensification and Integration for Sustainable Design
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    Dominic C. Y. Foo, Mahmoud M. El-Halwagi
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    1 edition
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    February 16, 2021
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    344 pages
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Book Description
Presents comprehensive coverage of process intensification and integration for sustainable design, along with fundamental techniques and experiences from the industry 
Drawing from fundamental techniques and recent industrial experiences, this book discusses the many developments in process intensification and integration and focuses on increasing sustainability via several overarching topics such as Sustainable Manufacturing, Energy Saving Technologies, and Resource Conservation and Pollution Prevention Techniques.   
Process Intensification and Integration for Sustainable Design starts discussions on: shale gas as an option for the production of chemicals and challenges for process intensification; the design and techno-economic analysis of separation units to handle feedstock variability in shale gas treatment; RO-PRO desalination; and techno-economic and environmental assessment of ultrathin polysulfone membranes for oxygen-enriched combustion. Next, it looks at process intensification of membrane-based systems for water, energy, and environment applications; the design of internally heat-integrated distillation column (HIDiC); and graphical analysis and integration of heat exchanger networks with heat pumps. Decomposition and implementation of large-scale interplant heat integration is covered, as is the synthesis of combined heat and mass exchange networks (CHAMENs) with renewables. The book also covers optimization strategies for integrating and intensifying housing complexes; a sustainable biomass conversion process assessment; and more. 
  • Covers the many advances and changes in process intensification and integration  
  • Provides side-by-side discussions of fundamental techniques and recent industrial experiences to guide practitioners in their own processes 
  • Presents comprehensive coverage of topics relevant, among others, to the process industry, biorefineries, and plant energy management 
  • Offers insightful analysis and integration of reactor and heat exchanger network 
  • Looks at optimization of integrated water and multi-regenerator membrane systems involving multi-contaminants 
Process Intensification and Integration for Sustainable Design is an ideal book for process engineers, chemical engineers, engineering scientists, engineering consultants, and chemists. 


1. Shale Gas as an Option for the Production of Chemicals and Challenges for Process Intensification
2. Design and Techno-Economic Analysis of Separation Units to Handle Feedstock Variability in Shale Gas Treatment
3. Sustainable Design andModel-Based Optimization of Hybrid RO–PRO Desalination Process
4. Techno-economic and Environmental Assessment of Ultrathin Polysulfone Membranes for Oxygen-Enriched Combustion
5. Process Intensification of Membrane-Based Systems forWater, Energy, and Environment Applications
6. Design of Internally Heat-Integrated Distillation Column (HIDiC)
7. Graphical Analysis and Integration of Heat Exchanger Networks with Heat Pumps
8. Insightful Analysis and Integration of Reactor and Heat Exchanger Network
9. FoulingMitigation in Heat Exchanger Network Through Process Optimization
10. Decomposition and Implementation of Large-Scale Interplant Heat Integration
11. Multi-objective Optimisation of Integrated Heat, Mass and Regeneration Networks with Renewables Considering Economics and Environmental Impact
12. Optimization of IntegratedWater and Multi-regenerator Membrane Systems Involving Multi-contaminants: A Water-Energy Nexus Aspect
13. Optimization Strategies for Integrating and Intensifying Housing Complexes
14. Sustainable Biomass Conversion Process Assessment

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