Pearson Edexcel A level Business

Pearson Edexcel A level Business
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    Pearson Edexcel A level Business
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    Ian Marcouse, Andrew Hammond, Nigel Watson
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    May 31, 2019
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    600 pages
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Book Description
Ian Marcousé's accessible and engaging textbooks brought together in one updated volume covering everything your students need to know for the Pearson Edexcel A level Business specification.

- Breaks content down into short, clear chapters - covering all topics in the depth students need
- Updated business examples throughout the text and in end of unit case studies bring the subject to life
- A range of questions and activities provide students with the opportunity to apply what they know and practise questions
- Builds students' confidence with key terms used in context and compiled in an accessible glossary
- Supported by an Answer Guide to assist teaching and save time

This Student Book has been endorsed for use with the Pearson Edexcel A Level Business qualification.


Theme 1 - Marketing and people
Section 1.1 Meeting customer needs
Section 1.2 The market
Section 1.3 Marketing mix and strategy
Section 1.4 Managing people
Section 1.5 Entrepreneurs and leaders 127

Theme 2 - Managing business activities
Section 2.1 Raising finance
Section 2.2 Financial planning
Section 2.3 Managing finance 2
Section 2.4 Resource management
Section 2.5 External influences

Theme 3 - Business decisions and strategy
Section 3.1 Business objectives and strategy
Section 3.2 Business growth
Section 3.3 Decision-making techniques
Section 3.4 Influences on business decisions
Section 3.5 Assessing competitiveness
Section 3.6 Managing change

Theme 4 - Global business
Section 4.1 Globalisation
Section 4.2 Global markets and business expansion
Section 4.3 Global marketing
Section 4.4 Global industries and companies (multinational corporations)

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