Empowering Businesses With Collaborative Enterprise Architecture Frameworks

Empowering Businesses With Collaborative Enterprise Architecture Frameworks
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    Empowering Businesses With Collaborative Enterprise Architecture Frameworks
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    Tiko Iyamu
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    1 edition
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    August 7, 2020
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    309 pages
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Book Description
Increasingly, organizations allocate a substantial financial budget to the acquisition, implementation, and management of IT solutions. IT solutions are employed strategic partners in supporting business strategic outcome, and the solutions are tools used to support operational activities within an environment. Given the vast amounts being invested in IT solutions and development, there is a need for a better return and outcome for organizations.
Empowering Businesses With Collaborative Enterprise Architecture Frameworks is an essential reference source that provides readers with pragmatic, implementable strategies and direction to create IT with collaborative capabilities that can reduce the cost of running IT within an organization. Moreover, the book offers pragmatic roadmaps to adopting disruptive IT solutions effectively and efficiently and towards gaining a better understanding of enterprise architecture as a means to business decision making. Featuring research on topics such as business engineering, cloud computing, and open systems, this book is ideally designed for managers, directors, and other business decision makers; government and industry policymakers; business and enterprise architects; industry professionals; academicians; researchers; and students.


Chapter 1. The Business Transformation Framework and Enterprise Architecture Framework for Managers in Business Innovation: The Alignment of Enterprise Asset Management and Enterprise Architecture Methodologies
Chapter 2. The Use of an Enterprise Architecture Framework to Guide the Management of Big Data in Health Organisations
Chapter 3. An Applied Mathematical Model for Business Transformation and Enterprise Architecture: The Business Engineering and Risk Management Pattern (BE&RMP)
Chapter 4. Towards an Enterprise Business Architecture Readiness Assessment Model
Chapter 5. Enterprise Architecture Framework for Windhoek Smart City Realisation
Chapter 6. The Management Accounting System and Enterprise Innovation Ability
Chapter 7. Influence of Constant Returns to Scale and Variable Returns to Scale Data Envelopment Analysis Models in ICT Infrastructure Efficiency Utilization
Chapter 8. Implementation of Big Data Analytics for Government Enterprise
Chapter 9. Deployment of Information Technology Governance Using Architectural Framework
Chapter 10. The Enterprise Architecture as Agent of Change for Government Enterprises

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