Statistics for the Behavioural Sciences, 2nd Edition

Statistics for the Behavioural Sciences, 2nd Edition
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    Statistics for the Behavioural Sciences, 2nd Edition
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    Riccardo Russo
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    2 edition
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    November 30, 2020
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    330 pages
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Book Description
This accessible textbook is for those without a mathematical background (just some notions of basic algebra are sufficient) and provides a comprehensive introduction to all topics covered in introductory behavioural science statistics courses. It includes plenty of real examples to demonstrate approaches in depth based on real psychology experiments utilizing the statistical techniques described.
New content in this thoroughly updated second edition includes an introduction to Bayesian statistics which complements the coverage of Classical/Frequentist statistics present in the first edition. It also offers practical details on how to perform analyses using JASP –  a globally employed, freely downloadable statistical package. The updated eResources also feature a range of new material including additional exercises so readers can test themselves on what they have learned in the book.
This timely and highly readable text will be invaluable to undergraduate students of psychology and research methods courses in related disciplines, as well as anyone with an interest in understanding and applying the basic concepts and inferential techniques associated with statistics in the behavioural sciences.


0. Mathematics and algebra: A rapid-mini review
1. Introduction and basic concepts
2. Descriptive statistics
3. Introduction to probability
4. Introduction to inferential statistics
5. Probability distributions and the binomial distribution
6. Continuous random variables and the normal distribution
7. Sampling distribution of the mean, its use in hypothesis testing and the one-sample t-test (Frequentist approach)
8. Comparing a pair of means: The matched- and the independent-samples t-test (Frequentist approach)
9. The Bayesian approach to the t-test
10. Correlation
11. Regression
12. The chi-square distribution and the analysis of categorical data

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