Financial Management: Concepts and Applications, Global Edition

Financial Management: Concepts and Applications, Global Edition
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    Financial Management: Concepts and Applications, Global Edition
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    Stephen Foerster
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    1 edition
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    September 22, 2014
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    360 pages
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Book Description
A balanced overview of financial management theory and practice
Finance is one of the key drivers of a firm’s activities, and a critical component to understanding business in general. Financial Management: Concepts and Applications is designed to help students with no prior knowledge grasp the applications and relevance of finance. Author Stephen Foerster reveals the practical side of finance, rather than just its theoretical concepts, and shows how finance intersects with many other areas of business.

This program provides a better teaching and learning experience—for you and your students. It will help you to:
  • Encourage students to focus on the big picture: A thematic approach helps students achieve a holistic view of how finance impacts many aspects of business.
  • Highlight applications of finance: A strong emphasis on applications helps students see the relevance of finance, and keeps them interested in the course.
  • Foster thorough understanding via learning aids: Various tools, throughout the text and at the end of each chapter, support students as they learn and review. 


Part 1: Assessing and Managing Performance
1. Overview of Financial Management
2. Sizing-Up a Business: A Nonfinancial Perspective
3. Understanding Financial Statements
4. Measuring Financial Performance
5. Managing Day-to-Day Cash Flow

Part 2: Assessing Future Financial Needs
6. Projecting Financial Requirements and Managing Growth
7. Time Value of Money Basics and Applications
8. Making Investment Decisions

Part 3: Financing Long-Term Needs
9. Overview of Capital Markets: Long-Term Financing Instruments
10. Assessing the Cost of Capital: What Return Investors Require
11. Understanding Financing and Payout Decisions
12. Designing an Optimal Capital Structure

Part 4: Creating Value
13. Measuring and Creating Value
14. Comprehensive Case Study: Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.

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