Starting Out with C++: Early Objects, Global Edition

Starting Out with C++: Early Objects, Global Edition

Book Description
Fundamentals of C++ for Novices and Experienced Programmers Alike
Intended for use in a two-term, three-term, or accelerated one-term C++ programming sequence, this Ninth Edition of Starting Out with C++: Early Objects introduces the fundamentals of C++ to novices and experienced programmers alike. In clear, easy-to-understand terms, the text introduces all of the necessary topics for beginning C++ programmers. Real-world examples allow readers to apply their knowledge in understanding how, why, and when to implement the features of C++. The text is organized in a progressive, step-by-step fashion that allows for flexibility. Building on the popularity of previous editions, the Ninth Edition has been updated and enhanced with new material, including C++11 topics and recent changes in technology.


Chapter 1. Introduction to Computers and Programming
Chapter 2. Introduction to C++
Chapter 3. Expressions and Interactivity
Chapter 4. Making Decisions
Chapter 5. Looping
Chapter 6. Functions
Chapter 7. Introduction to Classes and Objects
Chapter 8. Arrays
Chapter 9. Searching, Sorting, and Algorithm Analysis
Chapter 10. Pointers
Chapter 11. More about Classes and Object-Oriented Programming
Chapter 12. More on C-Strings and the string Class
Chapter 13. Advanced File and I/O Operations
Chapter 14. Recursion
Chapter 15. Polymorphism and Virtual Functions
Chapter 16. Exceptions, Templates, and the Standard Template Library (STL)
Chapter 17. Linked Lists
Chapter 18. Stacks and Queues
Chapter 19. Binary Trees

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