Cyber Intelligence Driven Risk

Cyber Intelligence Driven Risk
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    Cyber Intelligence Driven Risk: How to Build, Deploy, and Use Cyber Intelligence for Improved Business Risk Decisions
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    Richard O. Moore III
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    1 edition
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    December 10, 2020
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    192 pages
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Book Description
Turn cyber intelligence into meaningful business decisions and reduce losses from cyber events
Cyber Intelligence-Driven Risk provides a solution to one of the most pressing issues that executives and risk managers face: How can we weave information security into our business decisions to minimize overall business risk?
In today's complex digital landscape, business decisions and cyber event responses have implications for information security that high-level actors may be unable to foresee. What we need is a cybersecurity command center capable of delivering, not just data, but concise, meaningful interpretations that allow us to make informed decisions.
Building, buying, or outsourcing a CI-DR™ program is the answer. In his work with executives at leading financial organizations and with the U.S. military, author Richard O. Moore III has tested and proven this next-level approach to Intelligence and Risk. This book is a guide to:
  • Building, buying, or outsourcing a cyber intelligence–driven risk program
  • Understanding the functional capabilities needed to sustain the program
  • Using cyber intelligence to support Enterprise Risk Management
  • Reducing loss from cyber events by building new organizational capacities
  • Supporting mergers and acquisitions with predictive analytics
Each function of a well-designed cyber intelligence-driven risk program can support informed business decisions in the era of increased complexity and emergent cyber threats.


Chapter 1: Objectives of a Cyber Intelligence-Driven Risk Program
Chapter 2: Importance of Cyber Intelligence for Businesses
Chapter 3: Military to Commercial Viability of the CI-DR™ Program
Chapter 4: CI-DR™ Security Program Components
Chapter 5: Functional Capabilities of the CI-DRTM Program
Chapter 6: CI-DR™ Key Capability Next-Generation Security Operations Center
Chapter 7: CI-DR™ Key Capability Cyber Threat Intelligence
Chapter 8: CI-DR™ Key Capability Forensic Teams
Chapter 9: CI-DR™ Key Capability Vulnerability Management Teams
Chapter 10: CI-DR™ Key Capability Incident Response Teams
Chapter 11: CI-DR™ Collection Components
Chapter 12: CI-DR™ Stakeholders

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