Transdisciplinary Perspectives on Risk Management and Cyber Intelligence

Transdisciplinary Perspectives on Risk Management and Cyber Intelligence
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    Transdisciplinary Perspectives on Risk Management and Cyber Intelligence
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    Luisa Dall'Acqua, Irene Maria Gironacci
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    August 8, 2020
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    304 pages
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Book Description
The emergence of artificial intelligence has created a vast amount of advancements within various professional sectors and has transformed the way organizations conduct themselves. The implementation of intelligent systems has assisted with developing traditional processes including decision making, risk management, and security. An area that requires significant attention and research is how these companies are becoming accustomed to computer intelligence and applying this technology to their everyday practices.
Transdisciplinary Perspectives on Risk Management and Cyber Intelligence is a pivotal reference source that provides vital research on the application of intelligent systems within various professional sectors as well as the exploration of theories and empirical findings. While highlighting topics such as decision making, cognitive science, and knowledge management, this publication explores the management of risk and uncertainty using training exercises, as well as the development of managerial intelligence competency. This book is ideally designed for practitioners, educators, researchers, policymakers, managers, developers, analysts, politicians, and students seeking current research on modern approaches to the analysis and performance of cyber intelligence.


Section 1 - Strategies
Chapter 1. Cognitive Science, Orientism Management (OM), and Intelligence Analysis
Chapter 2. Homegrown Terrorism: An Analysis of Its Effects on PESTLE Factors
Chapter 3. Exploring Cognitive Biases, Groupthink, and Polythink Syndrome in Security Decisions and Business Outcomes
Chapter 4. Intel Cycle for Private Professionals: Acquisition, Management, and Dissemination of Information
Chapter 5. Tactical Art of Risk Management in the History of Ninja
Chapter 6. Private Intel for Corporate Protection

Section 2 - Technologies
Chapter 7. Agent-Based Approach for Monitoring Risks in Software Development Projects
Chapter 8. State of the Art of Extended Reality Tools and Applications in Business
Chapter 9. Literature Review of Recommendation Systems
Chapter 10. Augmented and Emerging Transformative Interactions With Technology: Learning in Post Humanism
Chapter 11. Origin of Cyber Warfare and How the Espionage Changed: A Historical Overview

Section 3 - Study Cases
Chapter 12. General George S. Patton and Our Climate Crisis: The Stories People Need – Building New Myths for a Sustainable Earth
Chapter 13. Lobbying a Crucial Mechanism for NGOs to Obtain Funding for Poverty Alleviation Programs in Africa
Chapter 14. Dichotomy and Violent Student Protests: Perceptions From Students

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