Business Data Networks and Security, Global Edition

Business Data Networks and Security, Global Edition
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    Business Data Networks and Security, Global Edition
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    Julia Panko
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    10 edition
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Book Description
Business Data Networks and Security guides readers through the details of networking, while helping them train for the workplace. It starts with the basics of security and network design and management; goes beyond the basic topology and switch operation covering topics like VLANs, link aggregation, switch purchasing considerations, and more; and covers the latest in networking techniques, wireless networking, with an emphasis on security. With this text as a guide, readers learn the basic, introductory topics as a firm foundation; get sound training for the marketplace; see the latest advances in wireless networking; and learn the importance and ins and outs of security.


Chapter 1. Welcome to the Cloud
Chapter 1a. Hands On: A Few Internet Tools
Chapter 1b. Design Exercise: A Small Home Network
Chapter 2. Network Standards
Chapter 2a. Hands-On: Wireshark Packet Capture
Chapter 3. Network Security
Chapter 4. Network and Security Management
Chapter 4a. Hands-On: Microsoft Office Visio
Chapter 5. Ethernet (802.3) Switched LANs
Chapter 5a. Hands-On: Cutting and Connectorizing UTP
Chapter 5b. Hands-On: Ethernet Switching
Chapter 6. Wireless LANs I
Chapter 6a. Using Xirrus Wi-Fi Inspector
Chapter 7. Wireless LANs II
Chapter 8. TCP/IP Internetworking I
Chapter 9. TCP/IP Internetworking II
Chapter 10. Carrier Wide Area Networks (WANs)
Chapter 11. Networked Applications

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