International Economics: International Edition

International Economics: International Edition
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    International Economics: International Edition
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    Steven Husted
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    9 edition
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    October 24, 2012
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    416 Pages
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Book Description
International Economics is an accessible, comprehensive and relevant guide for studying international economics. Using real data and issues that motivate theoretical discussions, this text captures students’ attention and equips them with a practical understanding of major policy questions.


Chapter 1. An Introduction to International Trade
Chapter 2. Tools of Analysis for International Trade Models
Chapter 3. The Classical Model of International Trade
Chapter 4. The Heckscher–Ohlin Model
Chapter 5. Tests of Trade Models: the Leontief Paradox and Its Aftermath
Chapter 6. Tariffs
Chapter 7. Nontariff Barriers and Arguments for Protection
Chapter 8. Commercial Policy: History and Practice
Chapter 9. Preferential Trade Arrangements
Chapter 10. International Trade and Economic Growth
Chapter 11. The Balance of Payments
Chapter 12. The Foreign-Exchange Market
Chapter 13. International Monetary Systems
Chapter 14. Exchange Rates in the Short Run
Chapter 15. Exchange Rates in the Long Run
Chapter 16. Theories of the Current Account
Chapter 17. Open-Economy Macroeconomics
Chapter 18. International Banking, Debt, and Risk

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