Learn Unity for Android Game Development

Learn Unity for Android Game Development

Book Description
Get a thorough and practical introduction to Unity development for Android devices with no previous experience with game development needed. In this book, you'll go through every step from downloading and installing Unity and the Android SDK, to creating fully functional games. The bulk of Learn Unity for Android Game Development is a simple project to create a 2D platform game complete with touchscreen controls, physics, enemies, respawning, collectibles and more.

The book closes with a brief introduction to creating 3D games, virtual reality games for the Gear VR, and other more advanced applications. It also provides some guidance on publishing and marketing, as well as thinking about game design and mechanics. Resources including sprites and scripts are provided in the code download.

What You Will Learn
  • Install Unity with the Android SDK
  • Understand and use scripts, prefabs and Android Studio
  • Design a great game
  • Build a game app
  • Add a bit of polish
  • Deploy for various Android devices
  • Build and deploy for 3D games, virtual reality and more
  • Promote your game and make money
Who This Book Is For
This book requires no previous experience with programming or game development of any kind.  Prior experience with the Android ecosystem recommended.


Chapter 1: Why This Is an Incredibly Exciting Time to Develop Games for Android 
Chapter 2: Introducing Unity and Getting Set Up 
Chapter 3: Finding Your Way Around Unity 
Chapter 4: Adding Physics and Getting Started With Coding 
Chapter 5: Filling the World with Prefabs, Effectors, and Collectibles 
Chapter 6: Adding Animations, Effects, and a HUD 
Chapter 7: Making an Android App 
Chapter 8: Expanding the Game World with Checkpoints, Levels, and Save Files 
Chapter 9: Adding More Game Elements: Springs, Moving Platforms, AI, and More 
Chapter 10: Making the Game Fun and Optimized 
Chapter 11: An Introduction to 3D Game Development and Virtual Reality 
Chapter 12: How to Publish and Promote Your Android App 

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