Decision Support Systems for Business Intelligence

Decision Support Systems for Business Intelligence
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    Decision Support Systems for Business Intelligence
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    Vicki L. Sauter
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    2 edition
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    February 2, 2011
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    453 pages
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Book Description
Praise for the First Edition"This is the most usable decision support systems text. [i]t isfar better than any other text in the field" —ComputingReviews
Computer-based systems known as decision support systems (DSS)play a vital role in helping professionals across various fields ofpractice understand what information is needed, when it is needed,and in what form in order to make smart and valuable businessdecisions. Providing a unique combination of theory, applications,and technology, Decision Support Systems for Business Intelligence,Second Edition supplies readers with the hands-on approach that isneeded to understand the implications of theory to DSS design aswell as the skills needed to construct a DSS.
This new edition reflects numerous advances in the field as wellas the latest related technological developments. By addressing alltopics on three levels—general theory, implications for DSSdesign, and code development—the author presents anintegrated analysis of what every DSS designer needs to know. ThisSecond Edition features:
  • Expanded coverage of data mining with new examples
  • Newly added discussion of business intelligence andtransnational corporations
  • Discussion of the increased capabilities of databases and thesignificant growth of user interfaces and models
  • Emphasis on analytics to encourage DSS builders to utilizesufficient modeling support in their systems
  • A thoroughly updated section on data warehousing includingarchitecture, data adjustment, and data scrubbing
  • Explanations and implications of DSS differences across culturesand the challenges associated with transnational systems
Each chapter discusses various aspects of DSS that exist inreal-world applications, and one main example of a DSS tofacilitate car purchases is used throughout the entire book.Screenshots from jаvascript® and Adobe® ColdFusion arepresented to demonstrate the use of popular software packages thatcarry out the discussed techniques, and a related Web site housesall of the book's figures along with demo versions of decisionsupport packages, additional examples, and links to developments inthe field.
Decision Support Systems for Business Intelligence, SecondEdition is an excellent book for courses on information systems,decision support systems, and data mining at the advancedundergraduate and graduate levels. It also serves as a practicalreference for professionals working in the fields of business,statistics, engineering, and computer technology.


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