Lean Python: Learn Just Enough Python to Build Useful Tools

Lean Python: Learn Just Enough Python to Build Useful Tools

Book Description
Learn only the essential aspects of Python without cluttering up your mind with features you may never use. This compact book is not a "best way to write code" type of book; rather, the author goes over his most-used functions, which are all you need to know as a beginner and some way beyond.
Lean Python takes 58 Python methods and functions and whittles them down to 15: as author Paul Gerrard says, "I haven't found a need for the rest."

What You'll Learn
  • Discover lean Python and how to learn just enough to build useful tools
  • Use Python objects, program structure, I/O, modules and more
  • Handle errors and exceptions 
  • Test your code
  • Access the Web; do searching; and persist data
Who This Book Is For
This book is aimed at three categories of reader: The experienced programmer – if you already know a programming language, this book gives you a shortcut to understanding the Python language and some of its design philosophy. 

You work in IT and need a programming primer – you might be a tester who needs to have more informed technical discussions with programmers. Working through the examples will help you to appreciate the challenge of good programming. 

First-timer – you want a first book on programming that you can assimilate quickly to help you decide whether programming is for you.


Chapter 1: Getting Started 
Chapter 2: Python Objects 
Chapter 3: Program Structure 
Chapter 4: Input and Output 
Chapter 5: Using Modules
Chapter 6: Object Orientation 
Chapter 7: Exception and Error Handling 
Chapter 8: Testing Your Code 
Chapter 9: Accessing the Web 
Chapter 10: Searching 
Chapter 11: Databases 
Chapter 12: What Next? 

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