Handbook of Advanced Performability Engineering

Handbook of Advanced Performability Engineering
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    Handbook of Advanced Performability Engineering
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    Krishna B. Misra
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    1st ed. 2021 edition
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    November 17, 2020
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    833 pages
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Book Description
This book considers all aspects of performability engineering, providing a holistic view of the activities associated with a product throughout its entire life cycle of the product, as well as the cost of minimizing the environmental impact at each stage, while maximizing the performance. Building on the editor's previous Handbook of Performability Engineering, it explains how performability engineering provides us with a framework to consider both dependability and sustainability in the optimal design of products, systems and services, and  explores the role of performability in energy and waste minimization, raw material selection, increased production volume, and many other areas of engineering and production.
The book discusses a range of new ideas, concepts, disciplines, and applications in performability, including smart manufacturing and Industry 4.0; cyber-physical systems and artificial intelligence; digital transformation of railways; and asset management.
Given its broad scope, it will appeal to researchers, academics, industrial practitioners and postgraduate students involved in manufacturing, engineering, and system and product development.


1. Assessment of Sustainability is Essential for Performability Evaluation
2. Performability Considerations for Next-Generation Manufacturing Systems
3. Functional Safety and Cybersecurity Analysis and Management in Smart Manufacturing Systems
4. Extending the Conceptualization of Performability with Cultural Sustainability: The Case of Social Robotics
5. Design for Performability Under Arctic Complex Operational Conditions
6. Dynamic Multi-state System Performability Concepts, Measures, Lz-Transform Evaluation Method
7. On Modeling and Performability Evaluation of Time Varying Communication Networks
8. Characteristics and Key Aspects of Complex Systems in Multistage Interconnection Networks
9. Evaluation and Design of Performable Distributed Systems
10. Network Invariants and Their Use in Performability Analysis
11. The Circular Industrial Economy of the Anthropocene and Its Benefits to Society
12. Sustainment Strategies for System Performance Enhancement
13. Four Fundamental Factors for Increasing the Host Country Attractiveness of Foreign Direct Investment: An Empirical Study of India
14. Structured Approach to Build-in Design Robustness to Improve Product Reliability
15. Time Series Modelling of Non-stationary Vibration Signals for Gearbox Fault Diagnosis
16. Risk-Informed Design Verification and Validation Planning Methods for Optimal Product Reliability Improvement
17. Efficient Use of Meta-Models for Reliability-Based Design Optimization of Systems Under Stochastic Excitations and Stochastic Deterioration
18. Dynamic Asset Performance Management
19. Asset Management Journey for Realising Value from Assets
20. Reliability-Based Performance Evaluation of Nonlinear Dynamic Systems Excited in Time Domain
21. Probabilistic Physics-of-Failure Approach in Reliability Engineering
22. Reliability and Availability Analysis in Practice
23. WIB (Which-Is-Better) Problems in Maintenance Reliability Policies
24. A Simple and Accurate Approximation to Renewal Function of Gamma Distribution
25. Transformative Maintenance Technologies and Business Solutions for the Railway Assets
26. AI-Supported Image Analysis for the Inspection of Railway Infrastructure
27. User Personalized Performance Improvements of Compute Devices
28. The Neglected Pillar of Science: Risk and Uncertainty Analysis
29. Simplified Analysis of Incomplete Data on Risk
30. Combining Domain-Independent Methods and Domain-Specific Knowledge to Achieve Effective Risk and Uncertainty Reduction
31. Stochastic Effort Optimization Analysis for OSS Projects
32. Should Software Testing Continue After Release of a Software: A New Perspective
33. Data Resilience Under Co-residence Attacks in Cloud Environment
34. Climate Change Causes and Amplification Effects with a Focus on Urban Heat Islands
35. On the Interplay Between Ecology and Reliability

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