Atomic-Scale Electronics Beyond CMOS

Atomic-Scale Electronics Beyond CMOS
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    Atomic-Scale Electronics Beyond CMOS
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    Mircea Dragoman, Daniela Dragoman
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    1st ed. 2021 edition
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    November 17, 2020
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    229 pages
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Book Description
This book explores emerging topics in atomic- and nano-scale electronics after the era of Moore’s Law, covering both the physical principles behind, and technological implementations for many devices that are now expected  to become  key elements of the future of nanoelectronics beyond traditional complementary metal-oxide semiconductors (CMOS). Moore’s law is not a physical law itself, but rather a visionary prediction that has worked well for more than 50 years but is rapidly coming to its end as the gate length of CMOS transistors approaches the length-scale of only a few atoms. Thus, the key question here is: “What is the future for nanoelectronics beyond CMOS?” 
The possible answers are found in this book. Introducing novel quantum devices such as atomic–scale electronic devices, ballistic devices, memristors, superconducting devices, this book also presents the reader with the physical principles underlying new ways of computing, as well as their practical implementation. Topics such as quantum computing, neuromorphic computing are highlighted here as some of the most promising candidates for ushering in a new era of atomic-scale electronics beyond CMOS.


1. Materials at Atomic Scale
2. Atomic Electronics
3. Nanoelectronic Devices Enriching Moore’s Law
4. Quantum Computing
5. Neuromorphic Computation
6. Perspectives

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