Internet of Things, for Things, and by Things

Internet of Things, for Things, and by Things

Book Description
This book explains IoT technology, its potential applications, the security and privacy aspects, the key necessities like governance, risk management, regulatory compliance needs, the philosophical aspects of this technology that are necessary to support an ethical, safe and secure digitally enhanced environment in which people can live smarter. It describes the inherent technology of IoT, the architectural components and the philosophy behind this emerging technology. Then it shows the various potential applications of the Internet of Things that can bring benefits to the human society. Finally, it discusses various necessities to provide a secured and trustworthy IoT service.


Section I - ‘OF THINGS’
1. Internet of Things and Its Potential
2. IoT Architecture
3. The Philosophy of Information and Ethics in the Internet of Things Technology

Section II - ‘FOR THINGS’
4. Potential Applications of Internet of Things Technology
5. IoT-Enabled Smart Cities

Section III - ‘BY THINGS’
6. IoT Security and Privacy Concerns
7. Cyber-Threat Mitigation of Wireless Sensor Nodes for Secured and Trustworthy IoT Services
8. Managing Shared Risks in Interdependent Systems of Smart Cities
9. Smart City Governance
10. Internet of Things and Regulations
11. IoT Cyber Security—A Discourse on the Human Dimension

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