Quantum Computer Systems

Quantum Computer Systems
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    Quantum Computer Systems: Research for Noisy Intermediate-Scale Quantum Computers
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    Yongshan Ding, Frederic T. Chong
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    June 17, 2020
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    228 pages
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Book Description
This book targets computer scientists and engineers who are familiar with concepts in classical computer systems but are curious to learn the general architecture of quantum computing systems. It gives a concise presentation of this new paradigm of computing from a computer systems' point of view without assuming any background in quantum mechanics. As such, it is divided into two parts. The first part of the book provides a gentle overview on the fundamental principles of the quantum theory and their implications for computing. The second part is devoted to state-of-the-art research in designing practical quantum programs, building a scalable software systems stack, and controlling quantum hardware components. Most chapters end with a summary and an outlook for future directions. This book celebrates the remarkable progress that scientists across disciplines have made in the past decades and reveals what roles computer scientists and engineers can play to enable practical-scale quantum computing.


PART I - Building Blocks
1. Introduction
2. Think Quantumly About Computing
3. Quantum Application Design

PART II - Quantum Computer Systems
4. Optimizing Quantum Systems–An Overview
5. Quantum Programming Languages
6. Circuit Synthesis and Compilation
7. Microarchitecture and Pulse Compilation
8. Noise Mitigation and Error Correction
9. Classical Simulation of Quantum Computation
10. Concluding Remarks

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