Politics, Democracy and E-Government: Participation and Service Delivery

Politics, Democracy and E-Government: Participation and Service Delivery
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    Politics, Democracy and E-Government: Participation and Service Delivery
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    Christopher G. Reddick
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    1 edition
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    April 30, 2010
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Book Description
Research argues that e-government technologies have positive influences on politics and democracy, improving citizens environment as well as their engagement with their government. Although much research indicates that e-government technologies have increased citizen participation, there is much more than can be developed.Politics, Democracy and E-Government: Participation and Service Delivery examines how e-government impacts politics and democracy in both developed and developing countries, discussing the participation of citizens in government service delivery. This book brings forth the idea that e-government has a direct influence on the important function of governing through participation and service delivery. Containing chapters from leading e-government scholars and practitioners from across the globe, the overall objective of this book is accomplished through its discussion on the influences of e-government on democratic institutions and processes.


Section 1 - E-Participation
Chapter 1. The Potential of E-Participation in Sustainable Development Evaluation: Evidence from Case Studies
Chapter 2. Citizens and E-Government Service Delivery: Techniques to Increase Citizen Participation
Chapter 3. E-Government and Citizen Participation in Chile: The Case of Ministries Websites
Chapter 4. E-Government and Opportunities for Participation: The Case of the Mexican State Web Portals
Chapter 5. A Comparative Analysis of Local Agenda 21 Websites in Turkey in Terms of E-Participation
Chapter 6. Government 2.0 in Korea: Focusing on E-Participation Services
Chapter 7. Internet Use and Political Participation of American Youth: The Campaign of 2008
Chapter 8. Participatory E-Planning: Bridging Theory and Practice through Improvements in Technology

Section 2 - E-Democracy
Chapter 9. Perception Differences of Online Voting Between Young and Senior Voters
Chapter 10. 24-7 Government, the Permanent Campaign, and e-Democracy: Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick’s Interactive Website
Chapter 11. UK E-Voting: A Lost Opportunity for Participatory Democracy
Chapter 12. Deliberation, Participation, and “Pockets” of E-Democracy
Chapter 13. A Review of City Portals: The Transformation of Service Provision under the Democratization of the Fourth Phase
Chapter 14. E-Government and the EU: Democratisation through Technology?
Chapter 15. Evaluating Social Networking in Public Diplomacy
Chapter 16. Online Activism and Computer Mediated Communications

Section 3 - E-Governance
Chapter 17. Digital Cities: Towards Connected Citizens and Governance
Chapter 18. Explaining the Global Digital Divide: The Impact of Public Policy Initiatives on E-Government Capacity and Reach Worldwide
Chapter 19. Helping to Bridge the Digital Divide with Free Software and Services
Chapter 20. Citizen Consultation from Above and Below: The Australian Perspective
Chapter 21. E-Government in Brazil: Reinforcing Dominant Institutions or Reducing Citizenship?
Chapter 22. “Potential” Barriers to E-Government Implementation in Developing Countries
Chapter 23. Ontology Driven E-Government
Chapter 24. Virtual Neighborhoods and E-Government: A Case Study Comparison

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