Airbnb For Dummies

Airbnb For Dummies

Book Description
Make extra money―and your guests extra happy―with Airbnb! 
You’ve got that spare tower, mansion, apartment, couch, or perhaps even treehouse (really―there are more than 2,400 treehouses listed on Airbnb). You’re a polite, clean, and tolerant host. And you want to make some money. Congratulations, you’re fully qualified to become part of the Airbnb revolution! Whether you’re looking to break into the business, or have already started and are researching ways of making your guests feel even more pampered as you grow your reputation and income, Airbnb for Dummies is the perfect venue for you. And this applies whether you currently own property or not! 
Sit back in your lounge recliner and let the owners and founders of show you the ins and outs of the short-term rental boom that connects hosts with travelers looking for more economical and personal travel experiences across the world. Sip a refreshing drink as you learn how to manage the day-to-day―from maintaining listings to keeping things clean for your guests―and how to maximize and increase your profits.
  • Make an attractive listing
  • Perfect your pricing
  • Profit without a property
  • Create amazing guest experiences
So, get hold of a copy, read it in your favorite spot, and watch as the money and excited guests beat a path to your door!


Part 1: Getting Started with Airbnb
CHAPTER 1: The Lowdown on Airbnb, Just the Basics
CHAPTER 2: Hosting on Airbnb: What It Really Means
CHAPTER 3: Determining Your Profit Potential

Part 2: Putting the Spotlight on Your Listing
CHAPTER 4: Preparing Your Property for Airbnb
CHAPTER 5: Building the Perfect Listing
CHAPTER 6: Making Your Listing Shine with Photography

Part 3: Uncovering Important Pricing Essentials
CHAPTER 7: Setting Your Listing Pricing
CHAPTER 8: Increasing Your Profit Potential
CHAPTER 9: Going on Cruise Control and Still Making Money
CHAPTER 10: It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane. . . No. . . It’s a Superhost!

Part 4: Mastering Your Guests’ Experience
CHAPTER 11: Comprehending What Being a Good Host Means
CHAPTER 12: Creating a Seamless Check-In Process
CHAPTER 13: Continuing a Stress-Free Guest Stay Post Check-In to Check-Out
CHAPTER 14: Upkeeping Your Space to Keep the Reservations Coming

Part 5: Taking Your Airbnb Hosting to the Next Level
CHAPTER 15: Elevating Your Hosting Game with Airbnb PLUS
CHAPTER 16: Exploring the Many Nontraditional Listing Opportunities
CHAPTER 17: Subdividing Your Airbnb
CHAPTER 18: Hosting without a Property through Airbnb Experiences

Part 6: Tackling Important Money Matters
CHAPTER 19: Understanding Airbnb Taxes
CHAPTER 20: Making Big Bucks as an Airbnb Co-Host

Part 7: The Part of Tens
CHAPTER 21: Ten Tips to Be a Better Host
CHAPTER 22: Ten Best Purchases for Hosts
CHAPTER 23: Ten Ways to Increase Your Earnings

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