Real Frauds Found in Not-for-Profits (AICPA)

Real Frauds Found in Not-for-Profits (AICPA)
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    Real Frauds Found in Not-for-Profits (AICPA)
  • Author:
    Lynda Dennis
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    1 edition
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    August 3, 2020
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    90 pages
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Book Description
Due to the nature of not-for-profits, fraud may be more common than it seems. This book shows how to recognize red flags of fraud, including cyber fraud. It offers a comprehensive learning approach using real-world examples, explanations of audit standards, and informative case studies that analyze several unique frauds which occurred in the not-for-profit industry. Key topics covered are: misappropriation of benefits, pledges and contributions, cyber fraud, and grant expense allocations.


Chapter 1: Case 1: Misappropriation of Benefits
Chapter 2: Case 2: Grant Expense Allocations
Chapter 3: Case 3: Pledges and Contributions
Chapter 4: Case 4: Overtime Fraud
Chapter 5: Case 5: Cyber Fraud

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