Mobile Game Development with Unity: Build Once, Deploy Anywhere

Mobile Game Development with Unity: Build Once, Deploy Anywhere

Book Description
Do you want to build mobile games, but lack game development experience? No problem. This practical guide shows you how to create beautiful, interactive content for iOS and Android devices with the Unity game engine.
Authors Jon Manning and Paris Buttfield-Addison (iOS Swift Game Development Cookbook) provide a top-to-bottom overview of Unity’s features with specific, project-oriented guidance on how to use them in real game situations. Over the course of this book, you’ll learn hands-on how to build 2D and 3D games from scratch that will hook and delight players. If you have basic programming skills, you’re ready to get started.
  • Explore the basics of Unity, and learn how to structure games, graphics, scripting, sounds, physics, and particle systems
  • Use 2D graphics and physics features to build a side-scrolling action game
  • Create a 3D space combat simulator with projectile shooting and respawning objects, and learn how to manage the appearance of 3D models
  • Dive into Unity’s advanced features, such as precomputed lighting, shading, customizing the editor, and deployment


Part I. The Basics of Unity
1. Introducing Unity
2. A Tour of Unity
3. Scripting in Unity

Part II. Building a 2D Game: Gnome on a Rope
4. Getting Started Building the Game
5. Preparing for Gameplay
6. Building Gameplay with Traps and Objectives
7. Polishing the Game
8. Final Touches on Gnome’s Well

Part III. Building a 3D Game: Space Shooter
9. Building a Space Shooter
10. Input and Flight Control
11. Adding Weapons and Targeting
12. Asteroids and Damage
13. Audio, Menus, Death, and Explosions!

Part IV. Advanced Features
14. Lighting and Shaders
15. Creating GUIs in Unity
16. Editor Extensions
17. Beyond the Editor

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