Zabbix Network Monitoring - Second Edition

Zabbix Network Monitoring - Second Edition

Book Description
Gather detailed statistics and data while monitoring the performance and availability of network devices and applications using the all-new Zabbix 3.0

About This Book

  • Monitor your network and deploy impressive business solutions with Zabbix 3.0
  • Manage hosts and system maintenance to keep your network performing for the people who use it
  • A step-by-step guide to smarter network monitoring

Who This Book Is For

If you're new to Zabbix look no further than this book. It will show you how to put your sysadmin knowledge to work with Zabbix 3.0 so you can experience the full impact of this useful and increasingly popular tool.

What You Will Learn

  • Get to grips with the fundamentals of Zabbix
  • Find out how Zabbix's features let you monitor your network with confidence and precision
  • Learn how to monitor SNMP devices
  • Manage hosts, users, and permissions while acting upon monitored conditions
  • Visualize data with the help of ad-hoc graphs, custom graphs, maps, and reports
  • Simplify complex configurations and learn to automate them
  • Monitor everything from web pages to IPMI devices and Java applications to and VMware stats
  • Troubleshoot any network issue - fast

In Detail

This book is a perfect starting point for monitoring with Zabbix. Even if you have never used a monitoring solution before, this book will get you up and running quickly, before guiding you into more sophisticated operations with ease. You'll soon feel in complete control of your network, ready to meet any challenges you might face.
Beginning with installation, you'll learn the basics of data collection before diving deeper to get to grips with native Zabbix agents and SNMP devices. You will also explore Zabbix's integrated functionality for monitoring Java application servers and VMware.
Beyond this, Zabbix Network Monitoring also covers notifications, permission management, system maintenance, and troubleshooting - so you can be confident that every potential challenge and task is under your control. If you're working with larger environments, you'll also be able to find out more about distributed data collection using Zabbix proxies.
Once you're confident and ready to put these concepts into practice, you'll find out how to optimize and improve performance. Troubleshooting network issues is vital for anyone working with Zabbix, so the book is also on hand to help you work through any technical snags and glitches you might face. Network monitoring doesn't have to be a chore - learn the tricks of the Zabbix trade and make sure you're network is performing for everyone who depends upon it.

Style and approach

This book is a detailed and practical guide that starts from the fundamentals of Zabbix and takes you all the way to building a network monitoring solution that is capable of gathering data from range of different systems. With tips on low-level details that will boost any Zabbix users confidence and fluency, it's an unmissable resource for anyone interested in what's possible with Zabbix.


Chapter 1: Getting Started with Zabbix
Chapter 2: Getting Your First Notification
Chapter 3: Monitoring with Zabbix Agents and Basic Protocols
Chapter 4: Monitoring SNMP Devices
Chapter 5: Managing Hosts, Users, and Permissions
Chapter 6: Detecting Problems with Triggers
Chapter 7: Acting upon Monitored Conditions
Chapter 8: Simplifying Complex Configurations with Templates
Chapter 9: Visualizing Data with Graphs and Maps
Chapter 10: Visualizing Data with Screens and Slideshows
Chapter 11: Advanced Item Monitoring
Chapter 12: Automating Configuration
Chapter 13: Monitoring Web Pages
Chapter 14: Monitoring Windows
Chapter 15: High-Level Business Service Monitoring
Chapter 16: Monitoring IPMI Devices
Chapter 17: Monitoring Java Applications
Chapter 18: Monitoring VMware
Chapter 19: Using Proxies to Monitor Remote Locations
Chapter 20: Encrypting Zabbix Traffic
Chapter 21: Working Closely with Data
Chapter 22: Zabbix Maintenance

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