Smart and Digital Cities: From Computational Intelligence to Applied Social Sciences

Smart and Digital Cities: From Computational Intelligence to Applied Social Sciences

Engineering & Transportation
ISBN: 3030122549 Format: PDF Edition: 1st ed. 2019 edition Date: June 13, 2019 Pages: 309 pages Language: English

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This book presents up-to-date information on the future digital and smart cities. In particular, it describes novel insights about the use of computational intelligence techniques and decentralized technologies, covering urban aspects and services, cities governance and social sciences. The topics covered here range from state-of-the-art computational techniques to current discussions regarding drones, blockchain, smart contracts and cryptocurrencies.

The idealization of this material emerged with a journey of free knowledge exchange from a diverse group of authors, who met each other through four different events (workshops and special sessions) organized with the purpose of boosting the concepts surrounding smart cities.

We believe that this book comprises innovative and precise information regarding state-of-the-art applications and ideas for the future of cities and society. It will surely be useful not only for the academic community but also to the industry professionals and city managers.


Chapter 1. Introduction

Part I. High-Performance Computational Tools Dedicated to Computational Intelligence
Chapter 2. Urban Mobility in Multi-Modal Networks Using Multi-Objective Algorithms
Chapter 3. Urban Transport and Traffic Systems: An Approach to the Shortest Path Problem and Network Flow Through Colored Graphs
Chapter 4. An Adaptive Large Neighborhood Search Heuristic to Solve the Crew Scheduling Problem
Chapter 5. Proposal for Analysis of Location of Popular Residential Using the p-Median
Chapter 6. An Ant Colony System Metaheuristic Applied to a Cooperative of Recyclable Materials of Sorocaba: A Case Study
Chapter 7. Multilevel Optimization Applied to Project of Access Networks for Implementation of Intelligent Cities
Chapter 8. An Experimental Study of Regression Techniques for the Residential Energy Consumption Forecast in the Brazilian Scenario

Part II. Simulating the Possibilities and Getting Ready for Real Applications
Chapter 9. Simulation and Evaluation of a Model for Assistive Smart City
Chapter 10. Realistic Vehicular Networks Simulations
Chapter 11. LoRaWan: Low Cost Solution for Smart Cities

Part III. The Social Science Behind the Cities of the Future
Chapter 12. Digital Cities and Emerging Technologies
Chapter 13. A Multicriteria View About Judicial and Legislative Decision Making in Digital Cities and Societies
Chapter 14. Smart Planning: Tools, Concepts, and Approaches for a Sustainable Digital Transformation

Part IV. Emerging Cities’ Services and Systems
Chapter 15. When CI and Decentralized Systems Effectively Meet Smart Cities and Grids
Chapter 16. Optimal Energy Trading Policy for Solar-Powered Microgrids: A Modeling Approach Based on Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles
Chapter 17. UAVs and Their Role in Future Cities and Industries
Chapter 18. Critical Systems for Smart Cities: Towards Certifying Software

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Smart and Digital Cities: From Computational Intelligence to Applied Social Sciences
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