How It Works UK - Issue 94
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How It Works UK - Issue 94


Contents magazine - How It Works UK - Issue 94

Sharks: How these ocean hunters survive, are why they are at risk
Land habitats
Honeypot ants
What is the tree line?
How do plants communicate?

Special effects: Find out how the visuals in your favourite fi lms are created
How marbles are made
Inside the iPhone 7
The i360 tower
Heroes of…Ada Lovelace

Extreme science: Earth’s most intense research environments, from volcanoes to the middle of Antarctica
Chemical bonds
Why we get hangovers
Food preservation
What causes jaundice?
Sensitive teeth

A new age of sail: Why ship manufacturers are returning to wind power for eco-friendly ocean travel
Airplane flaps
The EcoHelmet
Inside the Jaguar I-Type
Bird strikes
Tyre pressure
Land Rover Series I

Your future in space: Why we’ll leave Earth, and where we’ll go next
Inside the Sun
Ancient stars
Is there a 9th planet?

Lost cities: Explore the ruins of ancient civilisations across the world
Dancing plagues
Air-raid sirens
Animation before fi lm
Polar dinosaurs
How a pianola works

Global eye: Amazing science and tech stories from around the world
Brain dump: The place where we answer your most curious questions
Book reviews: Check out the latest releases for inquisitive minds
How to…: Make a compass and build your very own a rocket
Letters: Our readers have their say on all things science and tech
Fast facts: Amazing trivia that will blow your mind

How It Works UK - Issue 94

Format: PDF
Date: Issue 94
Pages: 100
Language: English
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