How It Works UK - Issue 96
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How It Works UK - Issue 96


Contents magazine - How It Works UK - Issue 96

Race to Mars: How the 21st century space race will take us to the Red Planet
Air launches
HD Earth Viewing experiment
How astronauts sleep
Planet types

Caves of the world: Find out how these incredible caverns and tunnels were carved by nature
Animal pupils
Why all world maps are wrong
Tree sap
What is wind chill?
Mountain goats

The science of stress: How does this primal emotion affect your mind and body?
Boomerang physics
Sun damage
60 Second Science: Photosynthesis
How glowsticks work
Why glitter sticks

Hovercraft: How these vehicles cross land and water on a cushion of air
Tesla Supercharger stations
Origami kayaks
Salvaging a shipwreck
Day in the life of a helicopter test pilot
The Army’s AJAX vehicle
Road rollers

War robots: How technology will transform warfare and help save lives
Waste-to-energy plants
Auto-tune tech
Artificial turf
Heroes of…James Dyson
Digital pens
DAB vs FM radio
Amazon Alexa

History of time: Timekeeping through the ages
The Blitz
Music boxes
The incredible case of Phineas Gage

Global eye: Amazing science and tech stories from around the world
Brain dump: The place where we answer your most curious questions
Book reviews: Check out the latest releases for inquisitive minds
How to…: Build a barometer and make your own air fresheners 
Letters: Our readers have their say on all things science and tech
Fast facts: Amazing trivia that will blow your mind

How It Works UK - Issue 96

Format: PDF
Date: Issue 96
Pages: 100
Language: English
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