How It Works UK - Issue 102
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How It Works UK - Issue 102


Contents magazine - How It Works UK - Issue 102

Citizen science: Find out how you can get involved in some amazing research projects
Hand anatomy
The science of tea
What is IV fluid?
Spotting bad science

Welcome to the Anthropocene: Is the ‘human age’ a new geological epoch?
Tallest tsunami wave
Volcano birds
Cook pine trees

The science of social media: What technology powers networking sites and how do they affect your brain?
Lightbulb efficiency
Mechanisms & motion
Nokia 3310: old vs new
What are gas flares?

Detecting life on Earth: How our world’s vital signs could help us detect life on others
The ISS truss
Moongazing tips
Black widow pulsars
Juno’s discoveries so far

Airport security: The devices and methods that help keep us safe when we travel
Inside a car wash
The points of sail

The Manhattan Project: Discover how scientists built the first nuclear weapons and changed the world forever
Milan cathedral
Viking raids
How were the Pompeii casts made?
How an abacus works
Dangerous beauty products

Global eye: Science and tech stories from around the world
Q&A: We speak to Josiah Zayner about the citizen science movement
Brain dump: We answer your questions
Book reviews: Check out the latest releases for inquisitive minds
Puzzles: Give your brain a workout with our new puzzle pages
How to…: Make a simple compass and test your tastebuds
Letters: Our readers have their say on all things science and tech
Fast facts: Amazing trivia that will blow your mind

How It Works UK - Issue 102

Format: PDF
Date: Issue 102
Pages: 100
Language: English
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