How It Works UK - Issue 110
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How It Works UK - Issue 110


Contents magazine - How It Works UK - Issue 110

Supersonic stealth jets: Inside some of the world’s most advanced fighters
How cars are painted
Low-noise road surfaces
Dhow boats
The Tesla Semi

Floating cities: Are hi-tech sea settlements the future of urban living?
Edible water bottles
Inside the iMac Pro
How paper is made
Oil pumpjacks
What is defragging?

Simulating Mars: How do we practise for missions to the Red Planet here on Earth?
Asteroid types
NASA’s 2069 interstellar mission
Cold dust

Extreme sports: The science behind BASE jumps, snowboard stunts & more
Déjà vu
Stainless steel
Clinical trials
What is a hernia?
Atomic energy levels
How you sense time

Metamorphosis: Nature’s most dramatic transformations explained
How snails make their shells
What is a Brocken spectre?
Wildlife of the Himalayas
Ostrich anatomy

The Great Exhibition of 1851: Discover this marvellous showcase of global industries
How post reached the trenches in WW1
The Mausoleum at Halicarnassus
Prehistoric doodles
The first instruments

Global eye: Science and tech stories from around the world
Brain dump: Your questions answered
Book reviews: Check out the latest releases for inquisitive minds
Brain gym: Give your brain a workout with our puzzle pages
How to…: Make a Cartesian diver and build a periscope
Letters: Our readers have their say on all things science and tech
Fast facts: Amazing trivia that will blow your mind

How It Works UK - Issue 110

Format: PDF
Date: Issue 110
Pages: 100
Language: English
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